Master Lists/Calendar

There is a sample calendar below with links to the (1) the Warm-ups, (2) the Activity, & (3) the PRE or POST homework that is related to the Activity.  Note the the warm-ups will sometimes be directly linked to the prior or subsequent in-class activity (e.g. empirical rule); however, other times, they are not directly related (e.g. expected value).

Own Lesson indicates that there is not a current MT StatPAL activity for this topic.  Use one of your existing lessons or search 

Week Topic Warm-ups Activity Homework
1 Data and Studies What does a statistician do? Helper or Hinderer?
Significance Testing
Populations and Samples
1 Qualitative Data and Center Graphs and Descriptive Statistics
(can finish for next class)
[Data Set (xls)]
Graphs and Descriptive Statistics (POST)
2 Dispersion Main Ideas  Own Lesson
2 Measures of Position & Boxplots Approximation of Mean and Median from Histograms  Own Lesson Regression (PRE)
3 Correlation/
  R^2 and Slope Regression on the Rebound
3 Regression review/ Review for Test Regression Review  Own Lesson
4 Test 1  Own Lesson
4 Probability Rules & Independence Close Reading Probability Probability (POST)
5 Conditional Probability Probability of At Least One  Own Lesson
5 Discrete Distributions  Own Lesson
5 Binomial Distribution (concepts) Binomial Distribution Binomial (POST)
6 Binomial Distribution (problems) Z-Scores  Own Lesson
6 Properties of the Normal Distribution The Empirical Rule  Own Lesson
6 Applications of the Normal Distribution,
Assessing Normality
Binomial vs. Normal Distributions  Own Lesson
7 Test 2
7 Distribution of the Sample Mean,
Central Limit Theorem
Central Limit Theorem for Means CLT (POST)
8 Distribution of the Sample Proportion Which Histogram?
(Binomial for CLT)
 Own Lesson
8 Estimating a Population Proportion Scatterplot and Correlation  Own Lesson Conf. Int (PRE)
8 “Understand” Confidence Understanding “Confidence Level”
[Data Set (xls)]
9 Hypothesis Testing Concepts, Error Expected Value  Own Lesson Hypt Test (PRE)
9 Hypothesis Testing Proportions Binomial Mean and Standard Deviation  Own Lesson
9 Hypothesis Testing Proportions P-Value: Bob & Tim
10 Test 3
10 Hypothesis Testing Two Proportions Confounding Variables  Own Lesson
11 Estimating a Population Mean CLT for Means  Own Lesson
11 Hypothesis Testing Population Means invNorm and invT  Own Lesson
11 Hypothesis Testing Two
Means Dependent
 Own Lesson
12 Hypothesis Testing Two
Means Independent
Independent Events  Own Lesson 2 Sample Means (PRE)
12 Hypothesis Testing
Two Means Independent
Which Paper Towel is More Absorbent?
12 Hypothesis Testing of
Two Means: Which Method?
Kings in a Poker Hand  Own Lesson
13 “Which Method” Day/Review P-Value Definition Method Matching
13 Test 4
14 Review for Final